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Image Sources
Sliderimage/Home, Methodology, Contact, Imprint:
MVG-Münchner Freiheit:
N+P Industrial Design GmbH
Green Traffic Light:
Steffen Oberländer
DriveNow GmbH & Co. KG
bike-rider: Stadt Göttingen
Sliderimage/Greeting Munich:
Jorg Hackemann/
Sliderimage/Greeting BMW:
Bike path: LHM
Charging station: SWM Stadtwerke München, Steffen Leiprecht
MVG-bycicles: Marcus Schlaf

Project Images:
E-Alliance: SWM Stadtwerke München, Steffen Leiprecht
Fast Bike Connections: Stadt Göttingen
Dynamic R&R Info: Steffen Oberländer
Bike Path Signs: Steffen Oberländer
Dynamization of Green-Light Phases: Steffen Oberländer
Parking Space Management: AndreyPopov/
CarSharing Flanking Research: DriveNow GmbH & Co. KG

Further images were provided by the Inzell participants. Please contact the online editors for image sources.

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