Peter Schwarzenbauer,
Member of the Executive Board, BMW AG

Patron of the Inzell Initiative

> Greeting Dieter Reiter, 
Lord Mayor, State Capital of Munich


Like many other major metropolises, Munich faces the crucial question of how to deal with the challenges of growing urbanization and the population's concomitant mobility needs.

We're convinced only a paradigm shift can address this question satisfactorily. The basis for this will be new concepts of mobility connected with innovative propulsion technologies and smarter traffic guidance systems.

This process of change can only be implemented successfully by all players involved in government, administration and industry coming together to work on it together. This is the approach of the Inzell Initiative. Since 1995, it has offered a platform to make Munich's mobility system more efficient through joint action.

The BMW Group already makes a direct contribution to reducing emissions – be it through constant optimization of conventional vehicles and their increasing electrification, as well as the increasing networking of transportation services. At the same time, we will continue successively expanding our portfolio by new on-demand mobility services like DriveNow, which will enable us to move toward a more livable city of Munich.

We are firmly convinced improving urban mobility and making cities into livable places for their inhabitants is no contradiction in terms.

Peter Schwarzenbauer

> Greeting Dieter Reiter