Inzell Dialogue Round
Connecting activities and solutions in the city and region

In the "Inzell Initiative", the state capital Munich and the BMW Group have been working hand in hand for many years with companies, science, interest groups, the surrounding districts and municipalities on urgent mobility challenges for the city and its environs. An essential success factor is the constant dialogue between the partners, in order to balance interests and points of view, but also to inform about concrete solution concepts.

In order to strengthen this approach and intensify the exchange with partners from the region, business and society, the "Inzell Dialogue Round" was launched as a new Inzell format. The round met for the first time on 21 September 2018 in the Oberschleißheim community centre. More than 90 representatives accepted the invitation and initially gained an insight into six current project initiatives that are currently being implemented in the urban area of the state capital Munich and in the surrounding districts and municipalities. On the basis of the examples presented, the participants discussed various topics of cross-city mobility in six working groups. The results were presented to the plenum and discussed in terms of possibilities for increased cooperation. Finally, the summary emphatically pointed out from various sides that the pressure to act in the field of mobility was too clear for all actors - in the inner and outer city as well as in the region. Everyone is aware that although the challenges are different, they are highly interconnected and there is a great need for formats for regional cooperation and activities.

The dialogue round of the Inzell Initiative was named as a suitable format for this and the wish for further meetings was articulated. Subsequently, the partners of the Inzell Initiative agreed to hold the 2nd Inzell Round of Dialogue in the summer of 2019.

Presentations in german:
> P+R 4.0 – Dynamische P&R-Informationen
> MVV RufTaxi im Landkreis Fürstenfeldbruck
> Elektromobilitätskonzept für den Landkreis München
> Modellstadt 2030
> MVG Rad im Umland
> Schnelle Radverbindung für den Münchner Norden

> Impressions of the "Inzell Dialogue Round" 


Inzell XI in Munich
"New Impulses for the Future of Mobility in Munich"

The eleventh meeting of the Inzell Plenum took place on 27 February 2017 for the first time under the patronage of Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter and Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG. Host Peter Schwarzenbauer welcomed over 130 Inzell Initiative partners from the city and surrounding area to the premises of the BMW Group Classic.

The focus of the event was to point out new impulses for mobility in Munich, to discuss them and to jointly develop solutions. The vision of "autonomous driving" was illustrated to those present at the beginning of the event when Lord Mayor Reiter was chauffeured into the event hall "on the passenger seat of an autonomous test vehicle".

Subsequently, experts from BMW, MAN and Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG) gave the audience an insight into the development of autonomous vehicles, pointed out technological challenges and discussed social opportunities.

The morning was rounded off by a presentation of the cooperation partners' current projects. On the basis of a series of exhibits, all participants were able to devote themselves in detail to the implementation of the projects and were given a visual overview of the components of sustainable urban mobility. They were presented with design options for rededicated parking areas for new urban living quality, the possibilities of intelligent parking sensors were demonstrated and novel vehicle concepts of urban e-logistics were presented.

In the proven Inzell tradition, not only impulses were to be provided, but also new measures developed. In four thematic workshops under the guideline "Challenges of cross-city mobility", the participants worked intensively on solutions for regional mobility management, new approaches to employee mobility and logistics in the north of Munich, the challenge of tangential public transport networking in the region and, last but not least, the opportunities and risks of autonomous driving in the city and its environs.

As a result, numerous interesting results could be presented in the plenum in the afternoon, which were subsequently to be worked out in Inzell working groups on concrete projects.

> Impressions of the event


Inzell X in Munich "Visions for the Region"

The tenth anniversary of the Inzell Initiative panel meeting took place on June 13, 2013 in the double cylinder of the BMW World at Munich HQ. On this special occasion, BMW Group invited its Inzell Initiative partners into the double cylinder of the BMW World. The panel meeting's motto "From the Past to the Future" suited the futuristic architecture of the venue perfectly. In an interactive exhibit, the participants were able to inform themselves about successful projects in the various Inzell Forums. The project initiated by Lord Mayor Christian Ude in the Forum "Future of Mobility" under the title of "Vision of Mobility 2050. Munich Area" presented its results. The main result of the forum workshop as was the participant's target to establish one of more model quarters for sustainable mobility.

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Inzell IX in Oberhaching "Actively Creating the Future"

The ninth panel workshop of the Inzell Initiative took place on January 27th, 2012 in the Munich suburb of Oberhaching. After intense project work in the past two years, the patrons of the Inzell Forum were able to present numerous results as well as promising new project proposals. Two presentations on future mobility challenges give strong impulses to the participants of the four forums, which discussed new measures and project proposals in afternoon workshops. In order to provide further impulses for innovative and forward-looking mobility in the Munich area, the panel will discuss the project "Vision for Mobility 2050. Munich Region" as a guideline for the future of traffic planning.

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Inzell VIII in Munich "Future Questions"

The discussion about the challenges and chances of future traffic developments and possibilities of shaping traffic systems was the major emphasis of the eighth panel workshop of the Inzell Initiative on November 26th, 2009 in the BMW Highrise in Munich. The newly founded "Future of Mobility" forum under the patronage of Lord Mayor Christian Ude presented its results, which form the foundation of future traffic projects in the region. After a presentation of the activities of the other Inzell Forums, the afternoon work groups dealt with expanding on the morning's results, and to brainstorm on ideas as to what the Inzell Initiative can do to further these issues.

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Inzell VII in Garching "Future of Mobility"

Due to the large number of participants, it became necessary to farm out the discussion on the current progress of individual projects in an extra event alongside the usual panel workshop, the Technical Meeting on Nov. 7, 2006. Thus we had enough time in Garching to discuss long-term developmental trends for the Munich Region and their possible effects on mobility. In order to develop an better understanding of the future of mobility, the founding of the Forum "Future of Mobility in the Munich Region" was decided, with Lord Mayor Christian Ude serving as patron.

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Inzell VI in Unterschleissheim "New Challenges"

Launch of "arrive", an important instrument intended to answer several questions formulated in the Inzell Forums. Other subjects are expanding the MVV public transportation area, the goal-defining discussion on the Red Routes, as well as a traffic and mobility management plan. The Forum "City and Suburbs" deals with the potentials of a strategic and operational intercommunal cooperation in urban planning and traffic development.

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Inzell V in Germering "Regional Development"

With 79 participants, the Inzell Initiative has further expanded its base. The regional dimension of traffic problems will be discussed in two working groups, on traffic management and traffic planning. After the successful implementation of the projects in the Forum "Parking", this forum will now be retired. The thematic direction of the Traffic Management Forum will be reinforced: Traffic management will involve the surrounding region more in the future. The Forum on Traffic Development in the City and the Region will be founded anew, dealing with commercial traffic, leisure traffic, as well as a unified regional data base.

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Inzell IV in Freising "Traffic Management"

The integrational effect of the Inzell Initiative is increasing, so is the number of institutions involved, the number of participants has doubled to about 60. Along with the existing forums, the Forum Traffic Management in the Munich Business Region was founded together with the Munich County Administration (KVR) as it patron. Under this umbrella, the projects Traffic Management Center, Regional Traffic Data and Mobility Services will be bundled. Other projects were the traffic organization of the German National Gardening Show in Munich 2005, the Car Sharing program and the City Delivery project I (CAPRI).

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Inzell III in Unterhaching "Research Projects"

Numerous Inzell Initiative topics became part of the research project "Mobility in Urban Areas MOBINET". In 1998, the German Federal Research Ministry decided to fund MOBINET as a flagship project to the tune of 45 million Marks. In order to be able to accompany the project as needed, the Inzell Initiative changes its project structure. The themes are bundled in the Forum "Parking" (Patron: Munich and Upper Bavaria Chamber of Commerce), "Public Transportation" (Patron: MVV Munich) and "Red Routes" (Patron: BMW).

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Inzell II in Haar "The First Forums"

New approaches result: Under the motto "Red Routes" and the patronage of BMW, a committee convenes to systematically compile plans to improve the major road artery grid and integrate them into city traffic planning. The second project is the Parking Space Management program, hotly debated at that time. This topic will be further developed going forward, and finally implemented successfully.

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Inzell I in Inzell "The Consensus"

"Discussing the traffic problems of the city of Munich openly and looking for solutions together beyond everyday politics" – this is the aim with which Munich Lord Mayor Christian Ude and the BMW Group invited decision makers to Inzell from politics, business, administration and other organizations in September 1995. They spent two day behind closed doors, agreeing to focus points, laying the foundation for a sustainable collaboration. Six projects were agreed on, from the A99 Autobahn Telematics program to the train station of the future.

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